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Annual SEC© Filing Reminder

In response to a large number of recent inquires, this post is a reminder of the following annual filing requirements for certain SEC© Form Types.

Form 13H: This is the first year for annual 13H filings. The annual filing on Form Type 13H-A is due 45 days after the end of the calendar year. For the calendar year ended December 31, 2012, the filing deadline is February 14, 2013.

Section 16 Filings: Insiders must file a Form 5 to report any transactions that should have been reported earlier on a Form 4 or were eligible for deferred reporting. If a Form 5 must be filed, it is due 45 days after the end of the company’s fiscal year. As many company’s follow a calendar fiscal year end, February 14, 2013 is a common Form 5 filing deadline for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012.

Schedule 13G and Schedule 13D: The annual filing due date for amendments to Schedule 13G is February 14, 2013.

Form 13F: The December 31, 2012 quarterly filing deadline for Form 13F is February 14, 2013.

Please visit our website to view and calculate additional EDGAR© filing deadlines.

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