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EDGAR Filing Services

EDGAR Filing Services Bureau

Securex is a full service financial printer and SEC EDGAR filing agent providing a complete range of electronic document conversion (EDGARizing) and filing solutions to public companies, mutual funds, Investment firms and individuals that are required to file periodically with the EDGAR system.

Conversion of electronic documents to compliant SEC HTML (EDGAR II / Idea) formats for all SEC forms including but not limited to:

Simple flat rate, all inclusive filing of:

Transfer Agents:

  • Form TA-1, TA-2 and TA-W filing (EDGARlite).

For a complete list of Securex EDGAR filing services and fees please click here.

Need to EDGARize only part of an EDGAR project? We’re flexible and can customize our service based on your specific requirements. Whether you prefer to have all of your documents EDGARized, or just specific projects or pages converted, we’re available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you.

Learn how to EDGARize and file your documents with Securex EDGAR filing services.

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