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XBRL Filing Services

Securex XBRL Filing Services

With our XBRL filing services, clients have direct access to a professional services team that works directly with their corporate accounting staff to prepare and coordinate all their SEC© and Interactive Data XBRL submissions; communicating and collaborating through each step of the process.

Our team, located in the United States, is staffed by an outstanding group of CPAs, finance professionals and XBRL experts which will:

  • Analyze your financial statements and identify the appropriate taxonomy to use
  • Perform a gap analysis for the creation of extension taxonomy elements
  • Perform financial report tagging and tag optimization
  • Provide a comprehensive report for pre-submission review
  • Create a valid instance document and other related files for your review, feedback and approval
  • Our fully validated files would then be ready for submission to the appropriate audience including the SEC©’s EDGAR© database

Securex will process all of the manual tagging work required to create an XBRL template as well as the roll forward of each quarterly XBRL instance and their required updates. You do not have to purchase any software or expensive training or hire additional in-house staff with XBRL expertise.

With our streamlined process, clients need only submit, review, and approve the XBRL filings.

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