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Form 13F EDGAR© Filing Service

Securex Form 13F EDGAR© Filing Services

With the Securex Form 13F EDGAR© Filing Service, you send us your holdings list, we EDGARize, validate and email you a PDF proof for review and approval. Once approved, Securex will transmit your 13F report to the SEC© EDGAR© system and email confirmation that the report has been accepted by the SEC.

We have a flat rate charge for the initial conversion and filing of either you Holdings Report, Notice Filing, or Amendment, plus any author alteration fees, if required.

SEC© requires new XML format for all 13F filings:

As of April 29, 2013, filers must file their Form 13F Information Table according to new EDGAR© XML Technical Specifications. The content of the reports has not changed although the SEC© has changed the method of compiling, formatting, and submitting the report to EDGAR. The EDGAR© system will no long accept the Form as a text file (.txt.).

About Form 13F

Institutional investment manager that uses the U.S. mail (or other means or instrumentality of interstate commerce) in the course of its business, and exercises investment discretion over $100 million or more in Section 13(f) securities must report its holdings on Form 13F with the SEC© EDGAR© system. Form 13F requires the disclosure of names of institutional investment managers, names of the securities managed, class of securities, CUSIP number, number of shares owned and the total market value of each security.

The Official 13F List is published quarterly and is available on the SEC’s website

A summary of 13 Filings requirements is available at:

Contact us to learn how our simple, cost effective solution can work for your Forms 13F-HR or 13F-NT or for access to our Securex 13F resources.

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