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How to change the SIC number in your EDGAR© profile

How to change the SIC number listed in your EDGAR© profile

To update a company EDGAR© profile with a new SIC code, send an email to The request should include your name and title, company name, CIK number, the current SIC code and the new SIC code as well as your telephone number.

After the request has been processed, the EDGAR© profile will be updated with the new SIC after a filing has been submitted to EDGAR.

SIC code look-up is available at:

Update: We have received information that the SEC© reviews all requests for SIC changes once-a-year starting in June. There are no exceptions, except possibly in circumstances involving a reverse merger. However, a special request may be made although the SEC© has indicated that these special requests are often not granted.

Securex is a full service filing agent registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that provides EDGAR© document conversion (EDGARizing) and filing solutions for public companies, law firms, investment management firms, mutual funds and individuals required to file with the SEC© EDGAR© system.

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