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EDGARLink Software being retired by the SEC© August 1st

EDGARLink Retirement!!

EDGARLink is moving on-line!! In November 2010, we introduced the new EDGARLink Online Application, an on-line version of the tool that filers use to create their submission documents to be filed with the SEC. This new on-line version has more immediate validation, more user friendly help screens, and eliminates the need for the filer to be concerned with keeping local software and templates up to date. With the introduction of our totally on-line version of EDGARLink, it is time to retire our old client version of the software. The SEC© has selected the month of August to turn off the old client EDGARLink tool and accept filings through the EDGARLink Online Application only. Starting Monday, August 1, 2011, filings created by the offline tool EDGARLink client or those constructed by filers according to the EDGAR© XFDL Technical Specification will no longer be accepted.

Those filers that use the EDGAR© XFDL Technical Specification to create filer-constructed submissions without the use of the EDGARLink tool, and wish to do the same outside of the EDGARLink Online Application, can do so by using the EDGARLink Online XML Technical Specification (see the EDGAR© Filer Manual and Technical Specifications section of the Information for EDGAR© Filers webpage).

Filers may use the current Filer Support lines (202-551-8900) for assistance.

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