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Stock Options Management

A fully secure, web-based solution for managing and accounting for all types of stock based compensation plans.

It tracks all activities related to employee stock options and other types of equity instruments in real time for publicly traded and private companies. Our stock options solution handles the full administration, valuation, expensing, reporting, tax, share dilution and the complete note disclosures for all forms of stock based compensation. It speeds up and simplifies the financial reporting process for all companies.

Our users enjoy the following benefits:

Administration – No matter how complex your data, we can handle it

  • Easy to use interface – our interface has been designed for usability from a junior administrator to the CFO
  • Wizard-based data entry – a fail-safe way to enter data including the most complex vesting schedules
  • Employee portal available – user friendly and customizable, including modeling and performance measurement displays

Financial Reporting – Comprehensive reporting capabilities

  • ASC-718 and IFRS-2 reporting – complies with all financial reporting standards including ASC-718 and IFRS-2
  • Numerical drill-down capabilities – allows for full justification of all numbers, especially for auditing purposes
  • Fair Value models- includes Monte Carlo, Lattice and Black Scholes
  • Public and Private Companies- Any kind of company, any kind of equity, we can manage it
  • Stock exchange requirements- automates reporting for TSX Form-1 and SEC© filing Forms 3, 4, & 5
  • Capitalization table – all reporting of ownership percentage and stock ledger (including waterfall analysis)
  • Brokerage compatibility- we are broker agnostic and can work with any broker you designate, or we can recommend one based on your plan needs

Support – Help is just an email or phone call away

  • 24/7 Customer Support- any time, any question – Help is always available
  • Qualified representatives, always a phone call away- all our business analysts are financial professionals with extensive knowledge in stock-based compensation
  • Prompt response times- you can call us any time and emails will be responded to within 15 minutes
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