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Transcription Outsourcing Free Trial


Securex has partnered with Transcription Outsourcing, LLC to offer you a free trial today.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is a Denver, Colorado based company that offers transcription services for legal, financial, medical, academic, and law enforcement companies. Companies and individuals that use Transcription Outsourcing, LLC are able to allocate their resources more efficiently and effectively. With Transcription Outsourcing, trained professionals can reduce the amount of time that individuals, businesses, or large corporations spend time converting audio recordings to text files.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is a full service transcription company with specialized teams that meet your dynamic requirements. Each department has its own dedicated Team Lead, quality assurance manager and transcription professionals to ensure each client receives personalized attention, outstanding service, and high-quality reports.

Transcription Outsourcing, LLC offers live customer support from 7am to 5pm MST and never charge for customer support or service.

Sign up with Transcription Outsourcing, LLC now and receive 100 free minutes of transcription services.

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