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Electronic filing of Municipal Advisor Registration on SEC© Form MA now required

Starting Tuesday, July 1st, 2014, the Dodd Frank required Municipal Advisor Form (Form MA) must be electronically filed using the SEC’s EDGARLink Online form filing site.

All municipal advisor forms must be Live filed. The SEC© system does not permit test filings of Form MA. Currently, the SEC© approximates that close to 1,200 firms and 22,000 individuals will register as municipal advisors using Form MA.

Moving forward, municipal advisor registrants will be required to file Form MA annually within 90 days after the end of that advisor’s fiscal year or the end of the calendar year for a sole proprietor.

Need Assistance? Securex can prepare and file Form MA ((MA, MA-A, MA/A, MA-I, MA-I/A, MA-NR and MA-W). Please contact us for more information.

For additional information, forms, deadlines, and links to resources, please refer to here.

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